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Global Talent Trends 2020

The 3 trends transforming your workplace

If you want to attract and retain the talent of the future, you need to stay ahead of the latest trends.

From the skills candidates need to succeed today, to the new ways teams collaborate, to sharing salary information—transforming your workplace isn’t just a feel-good goal: it’s now a business imperative.

The 2019 Global Talent Trends report will equip you with the strategies, tactics, and data-driven insights to get ahead of the curve. You’ll learn about:

Download the report now to see what LinkedIn data reveals about these trends, what 5,000 talent professionals in 35 countries have to say, and what top experts and employers recommend.

Plus, 5 tips for gender-balanced hiring with LinkedIn.

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Eager to unlock gender insights for your organization?

Find out how you can build a gender-balanced hiring strategy with LinkedIn Talent Insights, our new self-serve talent analytics solution.

Bagikan makalah ini ke jaringan anda.

Jadilah bagian dari penebar kebaikan, ayo bagikan ke rekan-rekan anda!

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